LunarSwap is a new BNB yield farming with innovative code, all of your LunarSwap tokens will be staked automatically for you to be rewarded in BNB and LunarSwap tokens!

Why did we build LunarSwap?

The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been incredible in the last 2 years for the cryptocurrency industry. People are switching from Centralized Exchange (CEX) to Decentralized Exchange (DEX) every day, but they most likely will face trouble using DEX without all the necessary tools like charts, pending orders and they cannot compete with bots.

LunarSwap is here to solve that problem. Besides BNB yield farming, LunarSwap ecosystem will consist of:

-LunarSniper: Never miss a potential gem again once LunarSnipes releases to secure your entry spot. -Pending orders: No more sleepless nights with PancakeSwap. Set your Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Entry soon. -LunarSwap platform: Getting tired of errors or lag from PancakeSwap? LunarSwap will save you from that trouble.

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